Victoria’s life story – from Mexico to US

Victoria Carter USA - Photography studio

Victoria Carter, who runs this blog, is a American citizen, although her roots go back to Mexico. She is the daughter of late Latin American immigrants. This beautiful woman had to endure a lot before she was successful.

Her story is very interesting because it shows that stubbornness and determination can achieve a lot. Victoria works as a professional photographer in California. He develops his business related to photographing products and real estate for sale.

Despite the fact that in her life she has experienced attacks and aversion due to her origin and gender – she does not give up and fights for women’s rights.

Especially close to her heart are the unfair women treated in the business world, which unfortunately is still full of prejudices, cases of discrimination and inequality.

A woman as a professional photographer in Modesto CA

On the blog you will find not only the history and diary of current events.

Victoria is a great photographer and willing to share her knowledge. There you will find technical topics, such as photography equipment for beginners, as well as interesting articles related to the photo business.

So if you wish to know: How to make money from photography passion – check her blog under this address:

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