An analyst with the soul of a humanist

Gary is an data analyst I met at a meeting at a large corporation where new SEO and Internet Marketing projects were discussed.

The man who runs this blog has a very specific sense of humor and way of being.

On the one hand, it is an analytical mind that solves difficult puzzles and generates interesting solutions for the analytical industry. He is highly respected in his community and recognized as a specialist in his field.

Usually, such a person is associated with someone very closed, rather introverted.

In his case it is completely different – a person who plays instruments very much in cultural circles performs in public in bands. He is outgoing and always willing to talk, which contradicts the stereotypical image of people working with data.

His blog reflects his personality, which is a total mix.

You can find there both highly technical and business issues related to the data science, as well as matters, let’s call it more down-to-earth, intended for ordinary mortals, in which matters such as distribution, standard deviation or function normalization or polynomial interpolation are alien.

You can find his blog here at WordPress site:

Sometimes I send Gary various orders to analyze statistical data from our catalogs. He does it really well and I can recommend his services with a clear conscience.

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